‫الساحل الاستشارات الهندسية

Sahil Engineering Consultants company is established in August 11, 2011 by Mr. Maktumsaheb Abbas Kazi. He is dynamic Architect and completed his graduation from Pune University which is known as Home of Education. It has working license of up to G+4, in which we undertake challenging project that includes Mosque, Residential and Commercial Buildings, Educational Institutions, Public and Private Projects, Industrial Warehouses, Luxurious and Economical villas and Labour Camps.

Sahil Engineering Consultants is taking care of the client’s requirement in Total Design and Engineering Skills to give perfection is Designs, The Sahil Team comprises of Experienced Architects, CAD Technicians, Graphic Designers and Model Makers. They keep client’s satisfaction in Design as well as Economy as the prime aspects.

وهو مهندس ديناميكية وأكمل تخرجه من جامعة بيون الذي يعرف باسم الرئيسية من التعليم . وقد تعمل رخصة لمدة تصل إلى G + 4 التي نقوم بها مشروع الصعبة التي تضم المسجد والمباني السكنية و التجارية والمؤسسات التعليمية و العامة و المشاريع الخاصة ، المستودعات الصناعية والفلل الفاخرة و الاقتصادية و المخيمات العمل ..تم تأسيس شركة الساحل للاستشارات الهندسية في 11 أغسطس 2011 من قبل السيد مكتوم الصاحب عباس كازي .

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We have qualified and well experience structural engineers to design the structure with consideration of safety and economy, considering the climatic conditions.



Planning a project according to budget and the requirement is the most important aspect in consulting field. We have most experience staff for specialty to cater this aspect.


التصميم المعماري

The design concept is based on the aim of achieving most economic, most beautiful and safest possible design taking into consideration availability of resources, customer’s needs, function and other decisive factors.



Supervising projects is a team work responsibility which is systematically handled through the cooperation of qualified staff, supervision activity included checking of works, monitor work progress, checks and approve payment certificate, evaluate and approve variation orders, approved submittals, perform site management and project handling over.

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In addition to the design and supervision activities, the office performs other activities either to prop up the main activities or to fulfill the consumer’s needs as well as the job requirements. Such related services include one or more activity depending on the type of the project and the client requirements among which comes surveying, quantity surveying, feasibility study and model making.

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